I’ll Forget What they Said

I was thinking today about how Zach, when he was Elliot’s age, would proclaim “DAYDEN” repeatedly. It obviously meant something very important to him, but we never figured out what he was talking about. I know I have forgotten many of the other -isms that he had then–thinking I wouldn’t. The brain isn’t what it used to be…

So these are the things that I think are cute right now.


      –says “pick up me” instead of “pick me up”


      –says “I can’t know” instead of “I don’t know”


      –LOVES to eat tomatoes but hates spaghetti/pizza sauce. He and Elliot have worked out an arrangement; Elliot eats the sauce and then gives the chewed bread to Zach. Quite gross, but they are both so serious in their cooperation that I’m letting it go for now.


      –can spend a full hour engrossed with safety scissors, old magazines, and glue.


      –told me today–after riding his tricycle back and forth for 10 minutes–“Mommy, I can pedal now. I need a bike”. Then he over-corrected a turn, tipped over and then totally played it off like he meant to do it.


      –has taken it upon himself to “save” all of the Earthworms. But only if he can find the worm’s family to save at the same time. He has identified groupings of four as families.


      –just said, “Dude, c’mon. He stealed the ball from him”. Early college basketball indoctrination. We are not ashamed.


    –held a new baby chicken with more tenderness than I expected.


      –yells “MITTY” instead of Misty (our dog).


      –says “danku”- I think thank you?


      –refers to himself “Eyy-iioottt” with the same kind of sing-song voice that Zach uses when he is scolding him.


      –will climb anything that he can get a monkey-foot grip on first.


      –loves beans of any kind


      –doesn’t love bread (no idea who he got THAT from, must be a recessive gene!)


      –recently, when reading a book about cowboys, we came to the inevitable “get thrown/get back on the horse” page. After several thoughtful moments, he pointed and said “UH-OH”.


      –would spend all of his waking hours outside if he could figure out how to unlock the door.


    –has a serious thing for sheep, aka “BAAAsss”.

Not only do I love these kids, but I like them most of the time, too. It’s a nice feeling to choose to be happy. I’m going to make that choice more often.

3 thoughts on “I’ll Forget What they Said

  1. So true what you said about Aunt Beulah. She helped me troughout the years with her wisdom. She was fiesty and I admired her so.

  2. This is so sweet. You are such a wonderful mom. Zach and Elliot will treasure these posts when they are older (because you know they’re going to have your same sense of humor).

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