Mud and Grubs

I participate in the unschooling method of preschool. For us, this means we learn about new topics as they come up and not as part of a formal plan. In reality it just means I haven’t been so great finishing all of the ideas I’ve gotten from other moms. No matter.

As a side note, if one of you super-motivated folks could start a preschool-question-wiki, that would be awesome.

I am desperate to rid my yard of pesky vermin, including voles, grubs of various sizes, and slugs. Zach likes learning stuff and he definitely loves bugs. We did lots and lots of science today. And some letter-writing (mud + stick = awesome). Mostly I took this perfect opportunity to teach Zach about the life-cycle of beetles, cementing his legacy of grub-hatred. Then he helps me hunt ‘em by digging with his shovel, yellow mud-boots, and little plastic bucket. When he gets bored he goes and plays king of the mountain or splashes in the mud. I keep the bucket.

Elliot wanders. Mostly he just enjoys having his own king of the water table time. He sneaks some drinks here and there—I have to keep him in my line of sight. But at least he isn’t face-diving in it anymore. Progress!

That said, I screwed up today when I took them for a wagon ride around the block. After we got back they wanted to play in the backyard. Zach changed into the rain(mud) boots first, but I forgot to change Elliot’s shoes. This was bound to happen—and it’s the real reason I cringed over paying $40 bucks for a pair of damn shoes. E’s small though, and clothes are lasting longer for him, so I had hoped to have more time with those shoes.

Well, I didn’t change the expensive pair for the dirt shoes. They played in a hole that we dug yesterday. A wet, clay hole. See where I am going with this and the expensive shoes? Stride Rite claims they are washable–I guess we are going to find out.

It was still fun. And totally worth it. Check out one of our birds eating at the Grub-Bucket-Buffet!

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