What I didn’t get for Valentine’s Day…

this year was pregnant again.  Phew.  You’d think this would be a no-brainer, but I’ve gotten pregnant on love day not once, but twice.

Our first pregnancy (2006) was as much of an accident as two well-educated people can claim.  I mean, we knew where unprotected sex could lead, but according to my uber-regular schedule we were as safe as can be.  Except the sperm that would create one-half of Zach wanted desperately to fertilize that egg, and thus hung around for five extra days or so.  On the other hand, maybe it was just lost and refused to ask for directions–it did carry male DNA.  Or stopped for a magazine and a cup of coffee.  Who knows?

Fast forward to February 14, 2008.  The older that Zach got (ha–old at 14 months) the less I wanted to start over again with a newborn.  We tentatively talked about maybe trying to get pregnant again.  I assumed that being older, heavier, and the new host for a few ovarian cysts that it would take longer to get pregnant a second time.

After a delicious dinner out—sans existing kid—we did what attached people all over the world do on Valentine’s Day.  For the second time ever (except during pregnancy) we did the deed without a condom.  Even though we were technically trying, I wussed out after that one time and we went back to using protection.  Alas it was too late, and 5 weeks later yet another positive pregnancy test stared at me from the bathroom counter.

This year we celebrated Valentine’s Day with me wearing the ugliest jogging pant/t-shirt combo I could find.  I didn’t shave my legs.  My husband ate ice cream.  We watched basketball.  This might not sound romantic to anyone else, but I have gotten really attached to not nursing every two hours, which by definition, also includes that whole getting regular sleep thing.

A small part of my Fertile Myrtle biology tries to plant little seeds of newborn-baby longing.   I don’t have to work too hard to declare that part clinically insane.   Thankfully, I have an ongoing supply of pregnant friends available to scratch that newborn-baby itch without having to, you know, have another one.  We are done having kids and Joel has an appointment with the snip-snip doctor next week.

We did make purty babies though.

4 thoughts on “What I didn’t get for Valentine’s Day…

  1. Oh My God, that post was awsmoee! I had to read it out loud to J and he was chuckling. I loved your plan for this past Vday. I may take a note and remember that for next year

  2. Oh My God, that post was awesome! I had to read it out loud to J and he was chuckling. I loved your plan for this past Vday. I may take a note and remember that for next year

  3. How is it that I’ve never been pregnant, am currently raising a 4 month old, and the sight of those newborn pictures actually makes my uterus twitch? Female biology is weeeird (or maybe your newborns are just that purty). Oh, and congrats on not being knocked up!

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