Reading  a “booh” (translation, book) both fascinates and delights Elliot.  An equal-opportunity lover of books, he even refrains from eating them.  Most of the time.

The love of reading is my family thing.  My Mom loves to read, as did my Grandfather.  I’ve been reading since I was three (apparently my mother’s answer to no-naps was for her to sleep while I read out loud).

I demonstrate my love of reading every day, thanks to my ever-growing obsession with faery/vampire/preternatural “literature”.   Before you judge my tendency toward literary smut, I’d like to point out that, in this instance, what I’m reading matters not since neither of them can–you know–read.

I used to spend all of my free time arguing politics via online debate forums, but it was killing my blood pressure, so I went back to books.  I showed my three year old that there is no greater power for the imagination than the written word.  Zach has sat quietly “reading” since he was six months old.  I have evidence–the pictures below are at 6 months and at 18 months, respectively.

He will now sit quietly reading “floppy books” (i.e., books with easily ripped pages therefore not-to-be-shared-with-younger-brother) spelling out the words he knows and trying to sound out the words he doesn’t.  I glow with pride.

For my youngest, however, reading presents more challenge than hobby.  Desperate to speak English—everyone keeps doing it around him, much to his disgust—he yells “BOOH” while head-butting whatever part of me he can reach.  If I should dare to try and delay reading said “BOOH” he redirects his energies into a glorious tantrum. Have you ever tried to continue to read while a small person screams and kicks the floor?  It’s most distracting.

I came up with a plan when Zach began to recite the words to Brown Bear with me one afternoon.

Me: “Hey, why don’t you read this book to Elliot”

Zach: “No”

Me: “Oh, c’mon.  You know all of the words.  You read to him, I’ll read to myself, and we’ll all be reading…together.”

Zach—walking away: “No, I doesn’t want to.”

Elliot: “BOOH”

Well, dammit.

Me: “Brown bear, brown bear…”

5 thoughts on ““Booh”

  1. Haha! Boys are fun 🙂 And I’ve tried that too, though it “worked” one time. Only it was a touch and feel book and Paxton was super excited to grab Ambrose’s hand and make him feel all the animals. He kept saying, “touch the kitty… no, touch the kitty… no *grabs hand and shoves on kitty* there, touch the kitty!” Ambrose was not amused…

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