Okay, who’s with me? How many of you will honestly admit there are certain behaviors exhibited by people (both large and wee) that are guaranteed to make your teeth grind and fists clench?  Some things should definitely produce those reactions.  One of those shouldn’t be your 3 year old dumping a glass of cranberry juice on his younger brother.   Or the insistence of same child that naps are optional– despite offering bribes…er, rewards.  And, really, is it that big of a deal that your 1 year old continually insists on emptying all of the pans out of the cabinet so he can river-dance in a wok?  Probably not rage-inducing activites to most normal people.

Some events cause what I deem acceptable rages.  For instance, when your $65 dollar bra is washed with jeans by a husband for whom laundry is a forbidden chore.  Or the squirrel that has been using the front gutter as a highway for weeks only to decide that the warmth of your attic is a better home than the giant oak tree.

Most days when one of my kids starts to throw themselves to the floor (Elliot) or beat the wall in anger (Zach) I can respond with a sigh and deal.  Most days I look at the display with a bemused expression of disbelief.  Is it really that big of a deal that I cut the apple instead of giving it to him whole?  Or that I dared to serve a chicken rice casserole or chicken noodle soup for dinner?  Really?

It occurs to me that one of the reasons I handle temper tantrums reasonably well is that I’m still– at the ripe age of 33– having them myself.

2 thoughts on “Tantrums

  1. This explains the sock I found in the wok the other day. HA!
    Did you ever have the feeling there’s a sock in the wok? Or a batman in the frying pan? Or a goat in your tote? Or a flute in your boot?

  2. I can handle tantrums. I cant handle nonstop whining. That, to me, is nails on the chalkboard. I’ve recently learned to say I dont speak the language of whine and ignore them until they either talk normal, or pass out

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